A team from Karnataka including Congress MLAs visited Bihar to study prohibition in the state.

Ktaka Congress leaders mull liquor ban CM calls prohibition useless
news Politics Saturday, November 04, 2017 - 17:33

With the 2018 Assembly polls fast approaching, the ruling Congress is looking at liquor prohibition in an attempt to woo women voters.

Drawing a leaf out of Bihar’s book, former MLC Allam Prabhu Patil and MLA BR Patil have taken up the cause of total liquor prohibition in Karnataka.

Several Congress legislators went to Bihar to meet Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and study the prohibition process in the state on Thursday.

The MLAs have also sought an appointment with AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi to discuss the issue.

The legislators called on AICC General Secretary in charge of Karnataka, KC Venugopal in Bengaluru on Friday and discussed the idea of total prohibition, which they believe would give Congress an edge in the upcoming polls.

A source with knowledge about the discussion said that the Congress leaders hope to win the upcoming elections just like Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar as he drew in a lot of support from women.

“A 31-member delegation including legislators and also members of the Karnataka State Temperance Board met the Bihar CM yesterday (Friday) and have expressed their desire to study how the state has been able to implement the ban on liquor,” BR Patil told TNM.

According to a report in Indian Express, the Karnataka State Temperance Board was interested in learning how liquor revenue was being compensated in Bihar, since prohibition was implement in April 2016.

The leader also confirmed that they were waiting for an appointment with Rahul Gandhi.

“The Bihar CM has informed us that accident rates have gone down and that the standard of living of people in the state has gone up ever since the ban. This can help the people of Karnataka too,” Patil said.

However, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah does not appear to be on board with the idea. Speaking to reporters on Friday, he said that alcohol prohibition will cause more harm than good.

“Prohibition in just one state will not be of any use. People living in the border areas will end up finding a way to get the alcohol. Either by going to other states. This can lead to law and order problems and also may result in mishaps due to consumption of illegal liquor like hooch. Besides, the revenue generated by the Excise Department is crucial for the state,” Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said.


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