The film aims to portray the central figure Vinay as a do-gooder who is targeted by jealous party workers, who plot to murder him.

Ktaka BJP feud Eshwarappas PA plans film on his alleged abduction to reveal truth
news Politics Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 15:35

BJP state president BS Yeddyurappa’s personal assistant NR Santosh and leader of the opposition in the Legislative Council KS Eshwarappa’s personal assistant NS Vinay have been feuding ever since Vinay’s alleged kidnap bid made news.

Vinay has now upped his game and decided to make a film about the events surrounding his alleged abduction.

Titled Mooru Bittavaru Oorige Doddavaru (a Kannada phrase which roughly translates to – those without morals are the ones who make it big), the film is slated to hit the silver screen next year.

The film is about a “loyal party worker” who rises through the party ranks and learns all the tricks and trades. The film aims to portray the central figure Vinay as a do-gooder who is targeted by jealous party workers, who plot to murder him.

In the movie, Vinay exposes the “corrupt” party workers and rises to become a political leader, whose sole aim is to help the people of Karnataka.

Speaking to TNM, Vinay says that he had finally decided to reveal the truth to the people.

“I am the state media in-charge for the BJP. I mentored Santosh and over the course of his involvement with the party, I found that he was misbehaving with women party workers. He had also sent some explicit texts to a woman party worker. This was sexual harassment. I had reported it to Yeddyurappa but he did not do anything about it,” Vinay said.

He added, “I have reported so many of Santosh’s mistakes to Yeddyurappa but he did not do anything about it. I want the truth to be told.”

Vinay also alleged that he was targeted because of caste issues in the party.

“I am a Lingayat and I actively worked with the Sangolli Rayanna Brigade. Some people in the party could not stand that I was associating myself with Kurubas,” Vinay claims.

Vinay alleges that Santosh was not happy about Vinay reporting to Yeddyurappa, which is why he was abducted. “I was lucky and I escaped.”

About the movie, Vinay says, “Kavi Rajesh and Maruti Jede will be directing this film. I will tell them my story. It is up to them to frame it any way they want.”

According to a BJP source, Vinay’s move spells trouble for the party as his attempt to expose any alleged crime would bring to the fore the infighting in the party.

“Now people will assume that there is infighting in the party and that it lacks unity. It will give the opposition ammunition to target the BJP. But in a way it is a good move but only if the opposition uses this to campaign. If they (opposition) do, then they will essentially be deviating from the real issues which have to be addressed. Then it is beneficial to the BJP. But this also has the potential to affect voters if it is perceived as a feud between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa,” the source added.

The BJP source said that Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa had settled their differences a while ago and had decided to put their issues behind them as the elections approach.

“Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa are fine now. This will end up looking like the leaders are fighting again but this time about ticket distribution, when in fact the two leaders are united. I cannot say if action will be taken against Vinay. That is up to the high command to decide,” the source added.


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