The hashtag ‘90s kids rumours’ on Twitter has many adults reminiscing about all the myths they used to believe in.

Just 90s kids myths Twitter remembers plant growing in tummy to eyelash wish era
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Did you believe that Ricky Ponting’s bat had a spring in the final of the CWC 2003? Or that if you swallowed any seeds, a plant would grow in your stomach? Or you probably thought that in the double-coloured eraser, the blue portion was used to erase ink while the pink was only used for pencil marks?

If you’ve lived half your life believing these rumours, then you’re probably what pop culture refers to as 90s kids!

The “90s kids of yore”, now adults, have united to share some of the ridiculous rumours they believed in as kids. The hashtag ‘90s kids rumours’ on Twitter has been bringing together many adults, all of them reminiscing about all the white lies they used to believe in.

The hashtag was a chance to share some of the most ridiculous rumours we believed in as kids. For instance, how many of us thought kissing led to pregnancy? Or that blowing on a fallen eyelash had the power to make our wish come true?

Did you stay away from those Omni vans thinking they were the vehicles mostly used for abducting unassuming children? Well, you were not alone!

Maybe you believed in palmistry, that the lines on your palm were telling you something…

Or the urban legend that Undertaker had seven lives? Well, that was pretty much real for many too!

Parody account ‘Srini Mama’ also took part in the hashtag sharing, recalling the most common rumour about Ricky Ponting’s bat.

Cricketer Ashwin too added his bit about Jayasurya’s bat.

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Here are some more gems shared on the hashtag.

The hashtag also took a nostalgic turn with many sharing memories from the 90s.

Some went on to poke fun at what was considered “successful” for 90s kids.