The fortnight-long drive by the Cyberabad police also resulted in fines totaling Rs 70,000.

In just 14 days 508 cases booked and 80 sent to prison for drunk driving in Cyberabad
news Law Monday, September 18, 2017 - 20:39

The Hyderabad policeā€™s stepped-up efforts notwithstanding, there seems no end to the problem of drunk driving in the city.

In just 14 days, the Cyberabad police booked as many as 508 motorists and sent 80 people to prison for drunk driving. Importantly, these were only cases booked under the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate, which covers a total of only 13 police stations in Hyderabad.

The rash of penalties and convictions came as a result of a fortnight-long special drive conducted by the Cyberabad police from September 1 to 15.  According to a Cyberabad police media release, these 80 people received sentences from two days in prison to over 13 days. The drive also resulted in fines totaling Rs 70,000.

Hyderabad has been struggling with high levels of drunk driving and underage driving despite various measures that have been instituted in the past couple of years to check these problems.

The issue of drunk driving came to a head in Hyderabad in July 2016, when a nine-year-old child Ramya and two of her family members were killed in an accident caused by a speeding car driven by an allegedly drunk engineering student.

Since then, the Hyderabad police have come up with a number of plans and proposals to curb drunk driving. These have included designated driver plans in association with pub and bar owners, counselling for offenders, and proposals to cancel admissions of college students caught driving drunk, besides the usual measures of fines and imprisonment.

However, the numbers of drunk drivers have not dropped, with many months seeing over 1,000 motorists being booked for the offence.

An astonishing 17,000 cases of drunk driving were booked in 2016, and nearly 7,000 people were sent to jail.

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