Pinky Rajpurohit from ABP channel had gone to the bank to cover the chaos due to closed ATMs.

Journalist reporting outside Chennai bank manhandled by police inspector
news Media Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 18:39

A journalist working for a Hindi news channel in Chennai was allegedly manhandled by a police officer at an SBI bank in the city.

Speaking to The News Minute, Pinky Rajpurohit, a senior correspondent of ABP channel, said, “I got a call from someone saying that there is a chaos outside the SBI bank at Elephant Gate. People outside were complaining about closed ATMs. So, I wanted to enter inside the bank and ask the general manager as to why the ATMS were shut,” she said.

But things did not go the way Pinky had planned. “When I tried to enter inside, a police inspector pushed me and my cameraperson. He manhandled us. There were two other women personnel, he could have told them to take me away but he simply came and pushed me away. He could have just asked us to leave,” she said. The name of the inspector is Julius Caesar. 

Pinky added that she had met the general manager the previous day and that he had spoken to her courteously . 

After this incident, Pinky went to the Elephant Gate police station, where inspector Julius Caesar works, to file a complaint against him.

The inspector reportedly said that he did not know that Pinky and the cameraperson were from the media. But Pinky said that they had a mike and a camera in their hands and that in any case, a police inspector is not supposed behave in this way to anyone.

The News Minute tried to contact an Assistant Commissioner regarding this case but he refused to comment on it. The journalists in Chennai carried out a protest outside the Commissioner’s office against such attacks on their fraternity.


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