We at TNM wish actor Jishnu a speedy recovery

Jishnus indomitable spirit The cancer-struck Malayali actor and his inspiring online posts
news News Wednesday, March 09, 2016 - 11:03

Not once but twice has fate played a cruel trick on Malayali actor Jishnu Raghavan. Just when we thought he was freed from the cancerous tumour discovered in his body in 2013, he had an unfortunate relapse in 2015.

Jishnu however chooses to be upbeat about life’s inexplicable ways. In one of his Facebook posts, he says: ‘Maturity is not when we start speaking BIG things. It is when we start understanding small things.’

Maybe that’s why his recent Facebook posted from the confines of an ICU speaks about the magic of a smile and how it goes on to generate an atmosphere of positivity all around.

And it is this very warm and lively attitude couple with contagious optimism that is now garnering more fans for him than his off-and-on stint in movies.

Even before Jishnu was diagnosed with the disease, he chose to take a break from cinema and work towards developing IT in rural areas, thereby revealing there was more to him than just mere histrionics.

Having completed his engineering degree, his plunge into cinema was hardly unexpected being the son of a popular hero Raghavan, who continues to essay roles in Malayalam cinema even today.

Though cancer treatment seems to have taken a physical toll on the actor, Jishnu continues to inspire his fans with his never-say-die attitude to life, keeping himself abreast of all that’s happening in the world around him and regularly commenting on current issues.

Social media was not always sympathetic to him. In November 2015,  a picture of the ailing actor was circulated online stating that he died. Many of his friends from the industry including Prithviraj were quick to blast away such baseless rumours which had unfortunately gone viral.

Jishnu however still prefers to dwell on the little acts of happiness like gifting his parents a hot cuppa tea on their 41st wedding anniversary.

Here’s wishing you many more such joyous moments with your near and dear ones from all of us.

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