news Thursday, June 04, 2015 - 05:30
Senior advocate in the Supreme Court Ram Jethmalani has kicked off another storm directed at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley with regard to the appointment of KV Chowdary as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). The Rajya Sabha MP has alleged Chowdhary’s involvement in “criminal activities” and called his purported appointment as the “greatest disaster that will fall on this unfortunate nation.” In his letter dated June 6, 2015, addressed to the President Pranab Mukherjee, Jethmalani has referred to his earlier letter dated May 26 to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, warning him with regard to Chowdhary’s appointment. In both letters, accessible via his Twitter account, Jethmalani directs blame towards the Jaitley. In the earlier letter, Jethmalani says that Jaitley had suggested Chowdhary’s name as the CVC in a meeting which he should not have been a part of in the first place. “I have repeatedly warned you that he has no interest whatsoever in identification and punishment of powerful offenders or in repatriation of the proceeds of their crimes,” he wrote of Jaitley. “KV Chowdhary by no means has a clean record. It is well known that corrupt public servant thrive with the help of corrupt politicians,” Jethmalani writes. The 91-year-old former BJP member has had a history with Arun Jaitley. Jethmalani has repeatedly questioned the FM’s gumption to bring back “black money” stashed abroad. He had earlier also alleged “mischief” on the part of Jaitley when one of his columns addressed to the former had been taken off by a newspaper. Here are the letters in chronological order, via Jethmalani's Twitter account.   Page 1 of my Letter dated 26.05.2015 to @narendramodi regarding CVC issue. Sent to the @RashtrapatiBhvn too. — Ram Jethmalani (@RamJethmalani5) June 4, 2015 Page 2 of my Letter dated 26.05.2015 to @narendramodi regarding CVC issue. Sent to the @RashtrapatiBhvn too. — Ram Jethmalani (@RamJethmalani5) June 4, 2015 My Letter dated 02.06.2015 to @RashtrapatiBhvn regarding appointment of K.V Chowdary as CVC — Ram Jethmalani (@RamJethmalani5) June 4, 2015   Also Read: Was forced to put out ad against Jaitley as a newspaper didn't take my editorial: Jethmalani