But while he claimed that she was still attractive, he said he had lost his charm now.

Jayalalithaa is an attractive sherni I am in love with says Markandey KatjuTN government / File image
news Markandey Katju Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 13:07

Former Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju, known for his controversial Facebook posts, is at it again.

This time, the target of his bombastic post is Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa, although she seems to be the object of his 'unrequited love'.

In an evidently romantic post on  Facebook on Tuesday, the former Press Council of India Chairman proclaimed that he was in love with Jayalalithaa when she was also young and he found her to be very attractive. But while he claimed that she was still attractive, he said he had lost his charm now. He also called her a 'sherni' (tigress) and her opponents 'langoors'.

Jayalalithaa has been admitted to Apollo Hospital in Chennai for the past few weeks, and there have been several rumours about her health.

This is what he said in his post:  

All these Cassandras of doom will be disillusioned. Jayalalitha is a sherni, and her opponents are langoors. She will recover and be back to work. When I was a young man, and she too was young I thought her extremely attractive and had fallen in love with her, though of course she did not know about it, and it was unrequited love. I still find her attractive (which unfortunately I am not now), and am still in love with her, and wish her speedy recovery. Hari Om

People n Facebook, however, are also having their share of fun.

Here are some of the comments:

Urvashi Joshi says, “Now I know what Shakespeare meant by 'love is blind'. Sir it seems you used love as a justification for your irrationality. Khair, I love, love so I'll ignore your statement.”

Syed Rozan Abbas says, “I think u shud visit personally..wo suna hai na.. Unke dekkhne se Jo aa jati hai muh per ronaq, Wo smjhte hai beemar ka haal achcha hai.”

Anil Kumar Gupta says, “Mr Justice, u are a casanova who innocently falls in love with whosoever is beautiful in looks! Trust u have the same liking for those not so endowed but with a heart of gold. While all should be one and pray for her early recovery yet her propensity to make men prostrate before her and treat her like a Goddess is just not digestible. Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi are chips of the same block!”

Here is his post:

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