‘Jaya was conscious in hospital and decided who she will meet’: Natarajan to NewsX

Sasikala's husband says demand for CBI probe is ridiculous and a stage managed play.
‘Jaya was conscious in hospital and decided who she will meet’: Natarajan to NewsX
‘Jaya was conscious in hospital and decided who she will meet’: Natarajan to NewsX
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Six months after former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa passed away due to multiple health complications, M Natarajan, husband of AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala, in an interview clarified that the former chief minister was conscious in the hospital and took a call on who she wanted to see.

This claim was in response to the demands of the faction led by O Panneerselvam for a CBI probe into the death of Jayalalitha. The ruling faction of AIADMK, however, claims everything was done within their capacity to save their leader. 

One of the main reasons the OPS faction says, they got suspicious, was that nobody was allowed to meet the Chief Minister during the hospitalisation. Natarajan in the interview to Lokpria Vasudevan of News X explained why meetings were restricted.

Saying that the demand for a CBI probe into her death is ridiculous since it was Jayalalithaa's decision to not meet anyone as she wanted to keep up appearances

"Every VIP was coming and wanting to fall on Madam’s feet. It is her prerogative to not want to see anyone. She is not only a chief minister, she is (also) an individual. I can meet anybody with a lungi and a t-shirt. A lady will never do that," says Natarajan. 

"Especially cinematic personalities like MGR and Madam, they never allowed people to see them other than when they were properly dressed. They are concerned about the public perception and their image. They function without having to tarnish their image," he added.

Natarajan claimed that the former Chief minister was conscious for most part of her hospitalisation and would take a call on who can meet her. He argued that anybody could have been let in if she was actually unconscious, as alleged. Sasikala, he adds, had no say in who will met Jayalalithaa

When asked why Panneerselvam was then using this as a card to question the Government, Natarajan says, "It is obvious. It is a stage managed play. It is not his word. He said without any condition, he agreed to join. After he came back and put up conditions.These conditions are all preferred by who? For what purpose? The whole world knows for what purpose."

In the course of the 20 minute interview, Natarajan further dismissed speculation of a third faction emerging within the party, comprising MLAs who support TTV Dhinakaran. 

"When a party person is jailed it is courtesy for MLAs and MPs and well wishers to go and honour him. You all (media) make it as a third group. All the entire people are our group. You say they are different. We say they are all one," he said. 


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