In a video, the actor-politician requested everyone not to get swayed by the different statements being made by politicians in the state.

Jana Sena will contest all 175 seats in AP Pawan Kalyan denies alliance with TDP
news Politics Thursday, January 03, 2019 - 13:47

Days after Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu dropped hints about a ‘possible re-alliance’ with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party, the latter has denied that talks were taking place. After floating his party in 2014, Pawan had teamed up with the TDP-BJP alliance and even shared stage with Narendra Modi and Naidu. However, the two parties have since had a fallout.

“The Jana Sena party is contesting in all the 175 seats in Andhra Pradesh. We will not ally with anyone except the Left parties. We will give women and young people more opportunities. Please do not believe the words of the ruling party and the opposition in the state. We condemn these comments,” the party said in a tweet.

Later, the party also released a video of Pawan Kalyan in which he said that the Jana Sena was working for the betterment of people, taking their aspirations into account.

“In 2014, we supported certain parties. We felt that it was the need of the hour under the circumstances. There are various reports doing the rounds that we are supporting the ruling party or others, that the opposition party in the state has given us some seats. It is being done with the intent of confusing our supporters and hurting their morale. I want to tell everyone clearly, we will contest all 175 seats. I request everyone not to get swayed by the statements being made by politicians in the state,” the actor-politician said.

Earlier this week, responding to questions about YSRCP chief Jaganmohan Reddy’s remarks that Naidu and Pawan were allies, the Andhra CM said, “What is his (Jagan’s) problem if Pawan has an alliance with us? He should first say if he is colluding with the BJP and where he stands in the national scenario. I have been seeing that he (Jagan) is attacking Pawan to make sure he would not come to us. I told Pawan Kalyan to come out and fight against the BJP and protect the rights of Andhra Pradesh.”

When asked again if he would tie up with Pawan for the 2019 elections, Naidu had said, “I will not comment on such hypothetical questions now; it’s not correct.”