Enraged students allegedly locked up the building, and pelted stones and broke windows, besides ransacking the offices.

Irked at being denied holidays students vandalise Narayana Junior College in Hyderabad
news News Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 16:45

Angry at being denied holidays, students of Narayana Junior College in Hyderabad's Nizampet area allegedly vandalised the classrooms of the institute, early on Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred after second year students studying MPC had demanded 'homesick' leaves, but were denied permission.

At around 2am on Wednesday, enraged students allegedly locked up the building, and pelted stones and broke windows on three floors, besides ransacking the offices, and damaging furniture in classrooms. They also tried to set some material on fire, but were unsuccessful.

The students didn't spare anything, and overturned beds and broke switchboards as well. They are also reported to have thrown the water tank from the roof, and smashed tube lights, until the police were called in. The officials had to break the lock to enter the premises.

Speaking to the local media, the second year students said that they were not given a single homesick leave from May, when the academic year started. They said that the administration refused to listen to multiple pleas, and said that only juniors were entitled to the leaves.

They also complained about the quality of food, and the hygiene in toilets.

Reports add that college staff alerted the police when they saw the mob of students, following which officials rushed to the spot.

Visuals from Tuesday night even showed police officers trying to negotiate with the students via a megaphone, as the teenagers continued to yell and should from inside the building.

Speaking to TNM, Inspector Kushalkar from the KBHP Colony police station said that the students and college administration had made peace, and the situation had returned to normal.

"Holidays have been declared, and normalcy has returned. As of now, the college administration is yet to file a complaint. Therefore, there has been no case registered," he said on Tuesday afternoon.

Andhra Pradesh Municipal Administration Minister P Narayana is the head of the Narayana Group of Institutions.

This incident comes after students of Sri Chaitanya Junior College at Bachupally also went on a similar rampage. The students damaged an RTC bus and hurled stones, after the college principal did not let them go for a walk, a day before their final exams.

The students were booked for rioting among other sections of the IPC.

Meanwhile, the administration of Narayana College is yet to offer a comment.