On Android, dark mode is currently available only for those using Android 10 by enabling system-wide dark mode feature.

Instagram brings Dark Mode on Android and iOS removes Following tab
Atom Tech Shorts Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 10:22

Facebook has followed the latest trend of introducing the Dark mode theme on Instagram too. Users with iOS and Android devices and using Instagram will be able to experience the Dark mode. The feature may not be available to all users right away since it is being rolled out in phases.

Apart from this, the other change that Instagram is introducing is to remove the “Following” tab.

As you would have expected, the Dark mode will not be available on all versions of the operating systems, whether iOS or Android. The two companies have introduced the system-wide Dark theme in the latest version of their respective operating systems, the iOS 13 and Android 10. The theme will now extend to the Instagram app as well. Users of the Instagram app on these two latest versions of the operating systems will start experiencing the feature first. It has been explained that the other users may have to look for the custom user interfaces that have included the Dark Mode in them to access the feature on the Instagram app.

 Now, as for the “Following” tab removal, Instagram claims the feature was in any case not used much and where it found use also there were complaints of stalking etc. The feature was meant to help people track the activities of those who were following them.

Meanwhile there is the app “Threads” launched by Instagram. This may be an attempt by Facebook to take on Snapchat, a competing app. Threads also allows users to share their personal moments within a closed circle of friends. Ultimately, it’s a social media platform that deals with posting of photos and videos and sharing it with those you wish to.