He alleged that rabies vaccination companies were backing ‘fake’ animal lovers who were against the eradication of stray dogs.

Industrialist Chittilappillys war cry against strays fasts for stray dog free Kerala
news Sunday, October 25, 2015 - 13:59

Popular industrialist and ‘Stray-Dog-free Movement' chairman Kochouseph Chittilappilly started a 24-hour hunger strike at Marine Drive in Ernakulam on Sunday, seeking streets free of stray dogs, in Kerala.

Representatives of many social outfits were present at the inauguration of the fast, expressing their solidarity.The strike which began at 10:00am will conclude on Monday at 10:00 am.

Kochouseph Chittilappilly says that this was just the beginning and he will fight till all the streets are devoid of stray dogs. Many slogans were raised including ‘rename Animal Welfare Board of India as the Dog Welfare Board’, ‘vote only for candidates who assure a solution for stray dog menace’, ‘find out the source of boycott Kerala tourism’ and ‘get rid of fake animal lovers’.

“Thousands of ducks were killed in Kuttanadu during the spread of bird flu, at that time where were these animal lovers? These stray dogs spread rabies and kill goats, cows and too many other animals. Why aren’t we bothered about them?” Chittilappilly asked the crowd.

He also alleged that rabies vaccination companies were backing ‘fake’ animal lovers who were against the eradication of stray dogs.

“The highest sale of rabies vaccination is in India and we suspect that a lobby is working behind the animal lovers’ movement. This lobby may be bribing Maneka Gandhi’s office, I don’t know,” he added.

Meanwhile, a few victims of dog bites, also attended the function and shared their bitter experiences.

Chittilappilly also questioned how the government could spend huge amounts of money to shelter stray dogs when many people had no houses to live.

“Common man here is not able to walk on the streets, there is news everyday of kids being attacked. People who travel in cars like me may not understand this at first, but I finally did,” Chittilappilly said.

Chittilappilly told the media that his strike was not for culling of stray dogs, but he could not find fault with people who kill dogs.

“I am not campaigning to kill dogs. But constant attacks by canines on small kids and other animals make people intolerant. We cannot blame those people who end up killing dogs.”

His wife Sheila Chittilappilly told the media that her husband is a real animal lover, as he nurtures many dogs in his house and takes care of their food, cleaning and vaccination.