A Rashomon story? Except, there's six, not five, sides to the story so far

Indrani Mukerjea Sheena Bora and the five men in their lives
news Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 18:22

A day after former CEO of INX Media Indrani Mukerjea was arrested by Khar Police over her alleged role in the murder of Sheena Bora in 2012, the case has taken many twists and turns. At this point, the story resembles a Rashomon plot: a murder and instead of five, there are six characters in the story who have now told parts of their stories. The story of the main accused, protagonist number six – Indrani Mukerjea, has so far been conspicuously absent.

Mikhail Bora - Sheena’s brother 

He says Indrani is their mother, not sibling.

Though Sheena was publicly known as Indrani’s sister and initial media reports said the same, the case took a new turn on Wednesday when Mikhail who lives in Guwahati told the media that Indrani Mukerjea was their mother, but that they were introduced as Indrani’s siblings to others.

Mikhail went on to say that he and Sheena had lived with their grandparents since childhood and that Indrani was hardly around because she used to work all the time. Sheena moved to Mumbai only for higher studies, but went off radar since 2012. Indrani’s reply every time he asked her where she was, was that Sheena was working in the US, and allegedly threatened to cut off his allowance.

Peter Mukerjea - Indrani’s current husband

Peter claims he did not know Sheena was Indrani’s daughter

The former Star TV CEO got married to Indrani Bora in 2002. Although they had an age gap of 16 years, Mukerjea had then famously recommended marriages in which both spouses already had kids. Indrani had a daughter from a previous marriage and Peter had two sons. But Peter claims he was never aware that Sheena and Mikhail were Indrani’s children and they were introduced to them as her siblings. 

Rahul Mukerjea – Peter’s son who was allegedly in a relationship with Sheena

 Rahul apparently knew the truth and told Peter that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter

When she moved to Mumbai to study in St Xaviers College, Sheena was living with Indrani and her family. According to Peter, his son Rahul Mukerjea and Sheena started seeing each other, but he and Indrani were disapproving of the relationship. Peter also told various media houses that in 2012 Indrani told him that Sheena had left for the US, but his son insisted that something was amiss. “My son told me they were mother and daughter. But I rejected his claim and we had fallout.”

Sanjeev Khanna - Indrani’s former husband

He also claims he did not know Indrani had other children.

Though Sanjeev Khanna and Indrani were married and had a child Khanna claims he did not about the two other kids (Sheena and Mikhail). He told the media that he had never met Indrani’s parents as his former wife had claimed that they were disapproving of the wedding. Khanna has been arrested by the Kolkata police.

Mysterious former husband / partner

Mikhail told CNN IBN that his parents were married, but has not divulged more. Both Peter Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna claim they do not know that Mikhail and Sheena were her children, and that they did not know of any other man before they married her. There are some reports which suggest that a tea estate owner Siddharth Das is this mystery man.

And then there’s the informer. But that person hasn't been named, and perhaps it’s a good thing that no one knows who it is. 

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