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The News Minute | March 6, 2015 | 3:00 pm IST Leslee Udwin, the director of 'India's Daughter', has appealed Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to intervene after authorities banned the documentary in India on charges that the director broke the law, even going to the extent of filing FIR's against BBC.  Leslee, whose documentary was originally scheduled to be broadcast internationally on Sunday and was brought forward to Wednesday night, said that the documentary was “an impassioned plea for gender equality." Anyways, as the country takes sides on 'to ban or not to ban' and opinions are tossed around, an imgur user has given us a quick recap of all the things that a bunch of influential opinion leaders have said about rape, out in the open. Maybe it is time the country needs a change in mindset. Other than these, there is an exhaustive list of outrageous comments made by politicians and others. West Bengal MLA Deepak Haldar- "As long as the Earth exists, there will be rapes. Rapes have happened in the past and will continue to happen." Satyadev Katare, Congress leader in MP: "Jab tak mahila tirchi najar se nahi dekhegi, tab tak purush use nahi chedega" (No man will harass a woman till she looks at him in a suggestive manner)" Dharambir Goyat, Haryana Congress leader: "I don’t feel any hesitation in saying that 90 per cent of the girls want to have sex intentionally but they don’t know that they would be gang raped." Mulayam Singh- "Rape accused should not be hanged. Men make mistakes." Maharashtra State Women's commission member Asha Mirje said at an NCP women's meeting, "Did Nirbhaya really have to go to watch a movie at 11 in the night with her friend? Take the Shakti mills rape case. Why did the victim go to such an isolated spot at 6 pm? Tweet Follow @thenewsminute  Also read - Were you angry listening to the lawyers on India's Daughter? A petition calls for action