A video of the choir singing has been viewed over 960,000 times on Facebook.

Imagine Dragons lead singer praises Bengaluru school choirs rendition of Believer
news Wednesday, December 04, 2019 - 20:57

The video of children at a Bengaluru school's choir, singing Believer by Imagine Dragons has gone viral on social media. So much so that the band's Twitter handle has also retweeted the video expressing appreciation.

In the video, girls of St Charles Girls High School in Bengaluru can be seen rehearsing the song in perfect harmony. The choir teacher’s mother shared the video of the students practicing their song on Facebook, and the video has been over 9,60,000 times at the time of writing.

In the video, you can see about 80 students standing on pews of different heights, vocalising in harmony to different parts of the song.

Posts on social media show that the choir students were practicing the song Believer, as one of the songs in their repertoire for a program commemorating the 75th year anniversary of the school, which was held on December 2.

Twitter user @HaramiParindey tagged the Imagine Dragons Twitter account in a tweet that noted: “in India, students are singing the song Believer in school!” However, he incorrectly stated that the song was being sung at assembly. Visuals clearly show a choir during practice.



Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, replied to the tweet, saying “so beautiful, thanks for sharing”. This tweet was liked by thousands of Twitter users, and left Indian Twitter in a tizzy.



Donnah George, the choir director and alumnus of St Charles High School, said that she never expected the attention the video received. “I do this on the side, part time to keep in touch with my choir roots. There’s a misconception that a choir is supposed to stand still and sing holy songs, and I wanted to change that. That’s what this is all about! A choir can be fun.”

Dennis George, the violinist for the event and the brother of the choir director Donnah George said, “Though we’re really happy about the success of the video my mum posted, I still feel that, as a musician, we should always be humble.”

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