‘Treasure hunters’? Yes, you read it right.

Images Treasure hunt on Calicuts beaches as monsoon brings along lost goldAll Images: Arjun Suresh
news Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 09:23

By Sannidha Hari

The locals stand in a line, moving in tandem with the waves lashing the seashore. To the uninitiated, it looks like a ritualistic dance to usher in the monsoons. These are Kozhikode’s very own ‘fortune’ hunters on the look-out for a lucky find on its famous beachfront. 

As the monsoons have hit the coasts of Kerala, the sea is in full fury, dancing fiercely to the tunes of thunder and showers in the backdrop of the dark monsoon clouds which make for a perfect dramatic setting.

Each and every wave that pounds the shore brings along what the sea had taken earlier, the locals say. It clears off a layer of sand from the beach, bringing to light the long lost gold anklets, chains, rings, pendants et al which it had hidden so far. The ‘treasure hunters’ are sifting for these little treasures the sea has in hold for them. They even pick the coins that they come across while still searching minutely for a piece of yellow metal. 

“We get chains, rings and anklets during the start of monsoon as the sea becomes furious and the tides are high. In Kozhikode, the beach is a regular hang out for families, especially during the summer. The kids and women, lose their anklets or rings sometimes, while on the beach which they may not be able to find immediately. These are washed ashore during this time when the tides are high. When lucky, we manage to get our hands on them. With the current gold rate, it is worth a hunt,” said one among them. 

However, he did not want to be named as he feared that his family might look down on him if they come to know about his fortune hunt adventure.

The trawling ban for a 45-day period is expected to come into effect from June 14 and the local fisher folks would then have to struggle to make ends meet. The lucky ones among the 'treasure hunters' would be able to tide through these days of paucity with one good 'catch', he added and started feeling the sand with his foot as a wave receded.