From people singing 'Sarahah Sarahah' non-stop to others insisting that the app is distracting them from cat videos.

 Im on Sarahah for intellectual reasons 5 reactions to the app thats
Social Sarahah Monday, August 14, 2017 - 14:54

Every once in a while, the Internet obsesses with a new fad that suddenly comes out of nowhere and takes your best friends and family captive.

From Farmville and Candy Crush craze to saree challenges and motherhood dares, there have been many such phases that have caught the imagination of social media users. While some are delighted to go with the flow, others outrage about how the fad is driving them nuts.

Latest in the bandwagon is Sarahah, an app that allows people to send messages anonymously to registered users. You can either choose to ignore the messages or post your response on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

So, how is the Internet coping this time? Here are five reactions!

Sarahah Sarahah is what I'm singing all day


While many users were initially concerned that they would receive a flood of abuse, quite a few were in for a pleasant surprise. From date requests sent by secret admirers to very flattering compliments, the urge to share every Sarahah message on the Internet becomes uncontrollable. You have to put it out there to encourage more people to send you messages.

Just to show your friends who holiday in Amsterdam that you're awesome, too.

OMG, stop this Sarahah nonsense: Bring back the cat videos


The anti-socials on social media are not pleased. While they may have tolerated baby photos, cat videos, pictures of cake, wedding short films, and Dinchak Pooja songs, Sarahah messages are not welcome.

It distracts them from the very serious introspection and knowledge enhancement they're getting from Facebook. And so, they will shoot off a 'GET OFF SARAHAH' message as soon as someone posts a Sarahah message. Almost as if they were obsessively reading your wall. But never mind.

Sarahah is the end of the world


These are folks who believe Sarahah will encourage cyber bullying and bring in the apocalypse. It's your duty, as a cyber citizen, not to encourage such apps. Because we already have Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to deal with. And the Blue Whale challenge and such like.

You are obliged not to be part of Sarahah because that's how we can make cyber bullying go away. You make your objections on ethical grounds and not at all to be the rebel.

I'm an intellectual and I'm on Sarahah because it's a social experiment


Kamal Haasan said he's hosting Bigg Boss because it's a 'social experiment', so why not you?

You're on Sarahah only to understand how it works - because popular culture fascinates you and you are currently writing a thesis on how anonymous messaging systems in the new millennium are...never mind.

Suitably, you share your Sarahah address with an impressive preface. Just so nobody thinks you're in this only for some attention.

I can handle the truth, I don't need Sarahah


These are folks who believe Sarahah encourages dishonesty and that if they had something to say, they'd be upfront about it. They're made of iron and don't need something pathetic like Sarahah to speak their mind.

Curiously, many of them choose Sarahah to tell their annoying friends this.

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