Santhosh Pandit has been humiliated for his style of filmmaking.

Im ready to listen to Santhosh Pandits scripts Prithviraj takes a stand on trolling the internet celebrity
news Social media Monday, October 10, 2016 - 15:30

Santhosh Pandit, the self-declared "superstar" of Malayalam cinema, handles almost all departments of filmmaking including the roles of director, script writer, music composer, lyricist, singer, choreographer, editor and several others. Though his films have received severe criticism over the years, he remains an internet celebrity who is unfazed by the harsh comments. His response is simple: “Nobody is forcing you to watch my films.”

Recently, on a show where Malayalam actor Prithviraj was answering the questions of a few college students, he was asked for his opinion on Santhosh Pandit and what he would do if Pandit were to ask him to act in his movies. 

Though Santhosh Pandit is the butt of jokes for most TV channels, anchors and actors, Prithviraj gave a rather classy response to the question. 

“We live in a country where not only Santhosh Pandit, anybody can make a creation of their own. Whether it is Steven Spielberg or Santhosh Pandit, nobody has the right to prevent them from making films. If Pandit wants to make films, he can. You and I have the right to decide whether to watch the films or not. Maybe you have seen his movies. At the end of the day, nobody has committed a sin here, whether you liked or hated those movies. He made a movie, he could bring it to theatres, many have watched it and I think the movie was a success as he might have got his investment back. So finally, the victory was with Santhosh Pandit. Consider some older ad films which we used to make fun of because of the concepts in them... but they still got a wide reach. So finally, the target was achieved by those ad films. So even Santhosh Pandit movies have achieved their target too, in their own ways,” the actor said.

He also boldly stated that he would listen to the script if Santhosh Pandit approach him.

“I am the kind of person who is ready to listen to anybody’s script or stories. Whether it is Santhosh Pandit or any new director. I am responsible enough to listen to his script, and give him the respect due to him as a creator and myself as an actor,” Prithviraj said.

Recently on Flowers TV, Santhosh Pandit was invited to participate in a talk show along with a few mimicry artists. Later on, there was a big hue and cry because Pandit had been supposedly insulted on the show .

Social media users came down heavily on the show's anchor, Sreekandan Nair, and its participants, alleging that the taunts on Pandit had crossed all limits. They said that about thirty people ganging up to attack an individual was injustice.

Following this, Malayalam actor Aju Varghese came out in support of Pandit on Facebook: “I still wonder on what grounds people humiliate him??? Though we have different opinions on his films, I stand strong supporting him as a person and I feel any kind of humiliation made on him is cheap and inhuman."


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