"I will take action against you. I don't mind if you are a minister," an agitated Kurien told the minister.

Ill take action against you RS Deputy Chair to Minister
news Demonetisation Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - 18:29

Sparks flew in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday as a riled Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien scolded Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and threatened to take action against him.

"I will take action against you. I don't mind if you are a minister," an agitated Kurien told Naqvi when the latter asked him under what rule he had allowed a point of order by Congress member Anand Sharma, who was speaking at that time.

"What? You cannot do my job. What are you doing? Sit down. Who are you to ask under what rule? Sit down," Kurien said loudly.

This came minutes after Kurien scolded the treasury members for "creating problems".

The Chair had allowed Anand Sharma to put a point of order, whose contention was that the Constitution has been violated by the demonetisation move and by denying people access to their own money.

While Sharma was speaking, some of the ruling party members started making a noise, rose from their seats and came in the aisle.

This irritated Kurien, who said: "I am seeing for the first time this kind of business...the treasury benches are creating problems." He also threatened action against a ruling party member.

At this point, Naqvi rose and said that the treasury members only want a discussion.

"Such a comment from the Chair! I am sorry. The honourable members only want discussion, they don't want disturbance," Naqvi said defending his MPs.

Kurien said that whatever the discussion, "always a point of order is allowed and replied to".

"I am doing just that," Kurien said.

At this, Naqvi asked: "Under what rule?"

This angered Kurien, who loudly told Naqvi to sit down and threatened action against him.

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