IIT-M ‘missing’ student found in an ashram near Dehradun

They said that Gupta had brainwashed her.
IIT-M ‘missing’ student found in an ashram near Dehradun
IIT-M ‘missing’ student found in an ashram near Dehradun
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Vedantam L Prathyusha, a student of IIT-M who went missing on January 17, was rescued from an ashram run by a guru Shiva Gupta near Dehradun last week.

The girl’s father Purushothamam on Monday informed Kotturpuram police that his daughter was now with the family and asked to shut the case. Prathyusha had left behind a letter stating that she was leaving for Himalayas in search of spirituality.

The Kotturpuram police told TOI that many other girls were present in the ashram and no action was taken against the ashram as no one has filed any complaints against it to the Uttarakhand police.

Prathyusha had boarded a train to Mumbai with a man from Coimbatore called Bhaskar, who is a friend of Shiva Gupta.

A police officer told TOI, “Prathyusha's family members and the Uttaranchal police went in search of her from door to door in the place near Dehradun where her phone records placed her,“ a police officer said. “They finally found her in Gupta's ashram.“  

They added that Gupta had brainwashed her and told Prathyusha that he will help to find a way to divinity. Prathyusha initially refused to go with her parents, according to TOI.

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