"Whenever a man gets overemotional I have to ask, oh honey, is it that time of the season?"

If men were talked about like women are A Twitter thread as eye opening as its hilarious
Social Gender Thursday, September 07, 2017 - 18:34

A few months ago, there was a viral hashtag on Twitter about the kind of things that only women writers hear. The tweets were real eye-openers (if you still needed one) about how deeply rooted sexism is. Now, another Twitter thread brilliantly illustrated (and reiterated) gender bias against women, and the results are hilarious.

All it did was talk about men’s achievements with the same tone of suspicion and surprise that women’s achievements are spoken of.

It all began with a tweet on September 2 by the Twitter account Man Who Has It All, which often parodies the ridiculous gender stereotypes which exist in the societies.

And it just snowballed from there.

All those jibes about it being women’s ‘time of the month’, about women being overly emotional, about access, about being reduced to their appearance… this thread had everything.

What kind of wives will feminists make? The same husbands that ‘meninists’ will make. *evil grin*

If you’re are a woman and read these tweets – was it cathartic or was it cathartic? And there's lots more where that came from. Just click on the first tweet, grab some pop corn and deep dive right in.

Described by Julian Vigo for Huffpost UK as an account between parody and political activism, The Man Who Has It All account is known for having sparked off various viral threads earlier as well, all turning sexist stereotypes on their heads.

“Instead of going for a quick laugh of women’s oppression today, @manwhoasitall sets out to frame the cultural, social and political conditions which lead to an oppressive climate from which women can do or say very little without being recriminated for possessing a thought, opinion or even—wait for it—knowledge,” Vigo wrote. 

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