Contrary to Amrutha’s claims, LS Lalitha says she has met Jayalalithaa only once – back in 1970.

I never told Amrutha shes Jayalalithaas child Late CMs cousin to TNM
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The television blares from LS Lalitha’s Basavanagudi home in Bengaluru. The 70-year-old woman has been glued to her television set since she came to know that a woman named Amrutha had approached the Supreme Court, claiming to be late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s biological daughter.   

LS Lalitha is Jayalalithaa’s cousin and was named as the second petitioner in Amrutha’s plea before the apex court.

In her petition, the 37-year-old Bengaluru woman states that she came to know that she is Jayalalithaa's biological daughter through her close relatives Lalitha and Ranjani.   

“After the demise of Late Ms. J. Jayalalitha, Smt. L.S. Lalitha …telephoned Amrutha and informed her that Late Ms. J. Jayalalitha was not issueless and that Amrutha is the only daughter of her. Thereafter, many relatives of the Amrutha contacted her and informed and confirmed her that she is the only daughter of Late Ms. J. Jayalalitha however, she was brought up by Late Mrs. Shylaja and Late Mr. Sarathy on the request of Late Ms. J. Jayalalitha as their adoptive daughter,” states Amrutha’s petition.

Speaking to TNM, Lalitha, however expresses shock at Amrutha’s decision to go to the apex court.

“I have met Amrutha only once. Ranjani, who is my niece, brought her to me about six months ago. I told her what my mother had told me that Jayalalitha had a daughter. I didn’t say Amrutha is Jaylalithaa’s daughter,” says Lalitha hurriedly.

Lalitha alleges that her aunt Jayalakshmi had told her mother that Jayalalitha had a daughter at her residence in Mylapore. 

Incidentally, Jayalakshmi has been named in Amrutha’s petition as the woman who took care of Jayalalithaa’s maternity. Further, Amrutha’s petition goes on to say, “That after Amrutha was born, an understanding was arrived at between Late Ms. J. Jayalalitha and other three family members namely, Late Mrs. Jayalakshmi and Lalitha and Ranjani, that the birth of Amrutha would not be disclosed to uphold the dignity of the family as they belong to a very religious, orthodox and cultured Brahmin family and the birth of Amrutha came as a shock to everyone.”

LS Lalitha's residence in Bengaluru 

‘Met Jayalalithaa only once’

Jayalakshmi passed away in 1983 and contrary to Amrutha’s claims, Lalitha says she has met Jayalalithaa only once – back in 1970. “I met Jayalalithaa at a wedding in Madras in 1970 when she was an actress. I have not had any contact with Jayalalithaa after. None of my relatives have also met her after she became Chief Minister,” says Lalitha, who retired from Modern Food Industries 32 years.

Amrutha had sent Lalitha an email of her writ petition about a week ago. Lalitha, however, says, “She didn't tell us that she was going to Delhi. I came to know from news channels that she has gone to the Supreme Court. Why did she put our names in the petition?”

When asked what motive Amrutha may have to go to court, Lalitha says, “I don’t know. Let the courts decide. I haven’t seen Jayalalithaa myself in over 40 years. What can I get out of this? I am in the last years of my life.”

Lalitha’s effort, like that of this reporter, to contact Amrutha went in vain, with her mobile phone switched off.

Meanwhile, Amrutha’s residence at Ramasandra in Bengaluru was found locked. Her neighbours said that Amrutha and her relatives had left the residence on Sunday morning and were yet to return.

Amrutha's locked house in Bengaluru 

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to entertain Amurtha’s petition seeking to exhume Jayalalithaa’s body for a DNA test to establish parentage. The apex court, however, permitted her to move the Madras High Court with her prayer.

But it’s not just Amrutha’s claim that Lalitha has denied.

Amrutha’s foster mother Shylaja had in an interview to Junior Vikatan in 2014 claimed to Jayalalithaa’s sister. Shylaja had then claimed to be the third child of Sandhya and Jayaram, with Jayalalithaa being the eldest and Jayakumar the middle child.

Lalitha says, “I didn’t know Jayalalithaa had a sister. I knew she had a brother.”  

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