Nagababu had hit out at RGV for criticising Khaidi no 150 following which the Satya director went out on a Twitter rampage against the producer.

I ignore criticism Chiranjeevi speaks on Nagababu-RGV spat
Flix Entertainment Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 13:45

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi chose to play down the recent spat between his brother and film producer K Nagababu and director Ram Gopal Varma. He believes that Nagababu reacted the way he did only because he was ‘hurt’ by RGV's comments. 

"People react differently in different situations. He (Nagababu) was hurt and he reacted. I too was hurt, but I didn’t react. I try to keep a positive outlook towards things. The more we focus on criticism, the more will be its value, so I gently ignore and turn deaf to it. I believe my fans would also think so," The Indian Express quoted Chiranjeevi as saying at a press meet in Hyderabad on Monday.

The actor went on to say that he has no problem with RGV, terming him "a very great person" and "one of my good friends". 

The spat between Nagababu and RGV began last week when the former hit out at the Satya director for criticising the megastar's movie at a pre-release event of Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie Khaidi no 150

Nagababu even called RGV a ‘moron’ and asked him to mind his own business, according to the IE report. 

The Hindu reported that Nagababu had lambasted RGV (without naming him) for levelling aaccusations against his family: "This man thinks he is a big director and has shifted his base to Mumbai. He should learn to live with character, before making allegations against someone. What right he has to comment on someone's private life. If he has anything to say and do, let him do it in Mumbai. Let him make movies first."

Not one to remain silent, RGV took to Twitter on Saturday and lashed out at Nagababu, calling him 'incompetent'. He also did not forget to blame Nagababu for the loss of Praja Rajyam, Chiranjeevi's political party.