I hope to work with Jyothika soon, says Suriya

Suriya opens up about 'C3', his parents, and when Jo will act with him again.
I hope to work with Jyothika soon, says Suriya
I hope to work with Jyothika soon, says Suriya
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Kollywood star Suriya is all set to hit the big screen on February 9 with C 3 (Singam 3). A successful franchise film by director Hari, this entertainer has everything that the fans love – emotions, action, romance and of course, Duraisingam! In this exclusive chat, Suriya talks about the film, his parents, and reveals whether we’ll see him back on the big screen with Jo (Jyothika).

How much of pressure does this put on you?

I think the action sequences may be blown out of proportion and I’m not denying that. The reason behind the story and the emotions behind it have always been sincere, genuine at heart. So it doesn’t bore you. I think this is something Hari is good at – he starts and ends the film with real emotion. Though it is a commercial film, Hari puts in something real and you can’t argue about that. There is something in Singam 3 that I’m personally connected to and really believe in. Those things really hold you when you watch the film.

You have played cop successfully in several films including Kaaka Kaaka and Singam. Would you ever play another cop role? How different would it be?

No idea. (laughs) it’s all upto the directors how they want to bring the character to life on screen. I’ve been listening to stories which I want to produce and the way they portray a cop is quite interesting. Every police station and cop is different. Bala sir or any new director have very different interpretations of how a cop should be. Karthi is playing a cop in an upcoming film and it’s got a very different shade. Visaranai again was different. There’s no restriction that I won’t play another cop in the future. We stick to the positive, the hope as far as Duraisingam goes.

You mentioned recently that your mom liked Singam 3.

Yes! I remember after watching Pitha Magan my mother didn’t react at all for two days. I was upset and went and stayed at my friend’s place for two days. I struggled for two years to make that film and my mother didn’t even comment on it. She tried to pacify me and then said that she didn’t want to comment because she didn’t like to see her son dying. She said, “I wasn’t happy seeing you die like that on screen.” Generally getting her to comment is a tough task but when she saw Singam 3, she called me and said how Hari is able to write a good script and that she liked it. My mother never talks about cinema at home or has gone to the shooting spot. This excited me and I shared it.

What does your dad, Sivakumar think about Singam?

He loved Singam 2 and wanted to meet Hari. Whenever I’ve worked with director Hari, it has been a box office success and Singam 2 was an important film for me. When the three of us met, he blessed us both and said that we have a wonderful relationship and that we shouldn’t let this relationship break. Be grounded is what he told us.

Will we see you and Jo together on screen again soon?

We have been wanting to but for certain reasons I couldn’t do it last year. I am hoping we can do one before she takes a break from films again. She always says that she’s first a mother and then an actor. She doesn’t want to put on her make-up and go to shoot every day. Here and there she might want to do a film or two. And this is a conversation we keep having. We have been getting some scripts the last few months.

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