“I have never told my fans to associate or vote for any political party. And I will not do it either,” said Ajith in a statement.

I have no political ambitions Actor Ajith urges fans to refrain from political comments
news Controversy Monday, January 21, 2019 - 20:29

Actor Ajith on Monday emphasised that he has no direct or hidden political ambitions. In a statement released to the media, the actor said, “What I want to tell people at this point of time is that I don’t have direct or hidden political ambitions. The heights of my political involvement is standing in line and casting my vote. I have never told my fans to associate or vote for any political party. And I will not do it either. I came to cinema in the right way, I didn’t come to do politics or to clash with others. I emphasise the same to my fans.”

His statement comes after BJP state President Tamilisai Soundararajan in a meeting in Tirupur on Sunday reportedly said that Ajith fans would take forward the welfare plans and policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to news reports, Tamilisai also said that Ajith fans, many of whom have allegedly joined the BJP, would help the lotus bloom in Tamil Nadu.

However, countering Tamilisai’s statement, Ajith pointed out that he had disbanded his fan association years ago. “Everyone knows the fact that I don’t let political terms to come into my films. The reason for this is that I have understood that my only job is to act in films.  I had disbanded all my fan associations years ago, because even at that point of time I didn’t want any political colour to come on my fan associations or on me.”

Despite doing so, he said that his name and that of his fan associations continue to be associated with political events, giving the common man reason to believe that he has political ambitions. Exhorting his fans to refrain from making political remarks, he stated, “I don’t make any political statement, I wish my fans will do the same.”

Noting that he has his likes and dislikes in politics, Ajith said he doesn’t force his opinion on others nor does he allow others to force their opinions on him. “Let your political opinion stay with you,” he said, adding, “I don’t want my name or my photo to be associated with any political events.”

While the actor’s fans have garnered a reputation for being hyper-active on social media platforms, with many even engaging in abusing and trolling fans of Vijay and film critics, Ajith used the opportunity to condemn such behaviour. “I have never accepted derogatory statements on other actors or critics. The world looks at us so closely, they will not forgive these actions.”

This is the second time that Ajith has asked fans to refrain from abusing people online.

He concludes his statement with an appeal to his fans, “What I expect from my fans is that students should focus on their education, those who have their own business or are working should focus on their work, they should obey law and order, they should focus on their health, should be united, and respectful towards others. That will be the affection you show me. Live and let live.”

In 2010, Ajith who has maintained a distance from politics, had caused a stir when he proclaimed at a Kollywood show that actors were being forced to take a political stance in the presence of then Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. He received backing at that point from none other than Rajinikanth who famously gave Ajith a standing ovation when he made the remarks. His remarks were in connection with actors reportedly being threatened with no work if they did not participate in agitations against the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils and about the Cauvery dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. However, both actors met the Chief Minister the following day as a 'courtesy call.'


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