"I have news for you, we are not going anywhere“ Faye D'Souza boomed.

I am not rattled News anchor slays Maulana asking her come to work in her underwear
Social Misogyny Monday, June 12, 2017 - 10:08

“I am telling you, wear an underwear and come. You will become equal to men. Wear an underwear and come to debate. There will be equality between men and women,” shouts Maulana Yasoob Abbas to Faye D’Souza on Mirror Now, as shocked silence follows.

D’Souza shakes her head calmly, looking straight into the camera with a gentle smile. She does not lose her cool. Perhaps she came prepared for it, since she was anchoring a show on the trolling 'Dangal' actor Sana Fatima received for wearing a bikini in a photoshoot.

In the past week, Sana has been bearing the brunt of vicious trolls online for posing in a bikini, after the images were published. Some of the trolls, understandably Muslim, were also hurt that she chose to do so during Ramzan.

Just as D’Souza was trying to explain to the Maulana that women have the freedom to wear whatever they want, the Maulana tells her, “I am telling you, come to work in a bikini.” Maulana, in the words of D’Souza, tells her that she should turn up at the workplace, at her ‘temple’, in an underwear so that she can be equal to men.

After the Maulana spoke, D’Souza asks everyone in the panel to be silent, as she calmly proceeds to rip apart the Maulana.

“He hopes that he will rile me up. He hopes that I will throw a fit, and I will lose control of my panel and forget how to do my job. Let me tell you Maulana ji, I have seen my like you. I am not afraid of you, I am not threatened by you, I am not rattled by you.”

“All you men think that if you rattle Sana Fatima when she is doing her job, if you rattle Sania Mirza while she is doing her job, if you rattle women then they will run back into their kitchens and leave the world for you again to conquer, I have news for you, we are not going anywhere. “

The Maulana, in the meanwhile, tries to defend himself but he could not find the right words.

D’Souza also goes on to endorse the choice made by Fatima to wear what she wants.

Watch the entire video here. 

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