The woman has accused Uber of deceiving her and "manipulating" the route of the ride she had taken last month after she met with an accident.

Hyderabad woman accuses Uber of deceit and mischief after severe road accidentUber/Facebook
news Wednesday, May 04, 2016 - 17:12

In yet another cab-aggregator related incident, a resident of Madhapur in Hyderabad has accused Uber of deceiving her and "manipulating" the route of the ride she had taken last month after she met with an accident.

Praveena Kumariā€Ž on Tuesday wrote a post on Uber's page on Facebook narrating an incident that took place on April 6 when she hired an Uber from her home to the RGI airport. 

The car she was in collided with a lorry on Outer Ring Road injuring her seriously.  "My cab turned turtle, somersaulting twice. Next two days were the two most painful days of my life. The cervical discs in my neck were displaced, the whole flesh on my ankle was wiped off and had multiple fractures, bruises, and injuries all over my body. My eyes got hurt almost I would have been lost my sight .I had to go through a cervical transplant surgery, plastic surgery and stitches, clots on multiple locations," she wrote in her post (sic).

However, she stated, what came as "a shocking tale of deceit and mischief from Uber" was when her friends tried to log into the Uber App to check the location of the accident and it showed that the journey had been completed in Medhipatnam.

"We were shocked to see they Uber is showing that I have completed the journey and they have dropped me at a location in Medhipatnam. They are so brazen that they even sent me an invoice of me paying them Rs 496.30. The police FIR is showing that I had an accident at4.30PM. after which I was in the hospital for next 10 days (I have medical reports to show that). While the Uber app shows that they safely dropped me at my destination at 5.54AM. Uber what are you trying to hide putting up such misleading information?" she asked (sic).

While her brother complained to Uber a few days after the incident, she said, they are yet to get a proper response from them and the action they have taken. 

At the time of writing this piece, Praveena's post was shared close to 600 times. 

Blaming Uber of carelessness, she also wrote, "If my the family would have gone by the route you show they would have never found me. I had a trust with Uber, that if any untoward incident happened on the way. Uber would get a GPS notification of the location of the incident and hence, would at least intimate the authorities. But Uber is willingly manipulating the route to save themselves from, I do not know what? What if I was assaulted on my way? Where on one hand, I would had been bleeding and dying in some corner of the road. On another hand, my friends and family would not be able to locate me. Because Uber would have very happily shown that I have completed my journey, paid the fare and left at some non-descript location." (sic)

Uber's response


We got in touch with the rider immediately post the incident and since then we have been regularly communicating with her. We have also shared relevant documents and will be working closely with the concerned authorities to help with the investigation and to address the rider's concerns. In the meantime, the driver-partner's account has been put on hold pending investigation. 

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