Worried about infection from the rusty weapon, doctors have done wound debridement for the same.

Hyderabad stalker victim undergoes 7-hour surgery docs worried about infection
news Assault Friday, February 08, 2019 - 13:29

After a seven-hour gruelling surgery, doctors say that the minor girl who was attacked by her stalker shows signs of improvement but remains in serious condition. Addressing the media on Friday, Dr Vijay Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of Yashoda Hospital in Malakpet, said, “One thing we were worried about was her blood pressure, which was completely irregular. But we were able to take her up for surgery after it was stabilised.”

A team of specialists consisting of Dr Srinivas Botla, senior neurosurgeon, Dr Chandramouli, plastic surgeon, Dr Prakash Bohra, vascular surgeon, Dr Ram Babu, general surgeon, and Dr Naresh, intensivist, were part of the excruciatingly intense procedure that lasted for around seven hours. “You can’t say that these were multiple surgeries, because everyone was involved, and we needed such a vast team to perform the procedure,” Dr Vijay told the media.

The doctors who were initially worried about the stability of the girl’s vital signs were able to take her up for surgery after there was some improvement in the same. Doctors from the plastic surgery team were able to repair some of her cut nerves and tendons (tissues that connect muscles to bones), while doctors from the neurosurgery team ensured that the small piece of skull which had been fractured did not result in further complications. Neurosurgeons also noticed some leak in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which is present in the brain and spinal cord and serves as a protective mechanism in addition to other functions, and repaired the same.

“Wound debridement was done for all the injuries (cuts) she had sustained,” added Dr Vijay. Earlier hospital staff had raised concerns that rust from the weapon could lead to the onset of infection in the girl. However, in order to proactively address this, doctors have done wound debridement, which is a medical removal of dead or infected tissue that aims to help improve the healing process of a wound. This procedure was done for all the cuts she had sustained, on her shoulder, neck and scalp.

Following the surgery, the girl is said to be in the ICU, where she will remain for another 5 to 6 days, according to doctors. She is currently on ventilator support, is conscious and responding to doctors and is able to recognise her family members as well.

Around 20 units of blood was required for the procedure, for which the team at the hospital had reached out to media to get donors to pitch in, and were able to procure successfully. Now they have asked for more people to come forward as blood donors.

The 17-year-old girl was attacked near her residence on Wednesday by her neighbour, 19-year-old Bharath, who had allegedly been harassing for her months, stating that he was “in love with her.” After she spurned his advances and even complained to the SHE police team, who counselled him, he attacked her with a coconut sickle when she was on her way to college. Bharath was arrested by Hyderabad police on Wednesday evening.

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