Cooling vests will help keep body temperature 5-6 degree celsius lower

Hyderabad sizzles but traffic cops can stay cool thanks to new smart jacketsFacebook
news Heat woes Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 14:03

As the heat intensifies in Hyderabad, one of the hardest jobs is that of a traffic police braving the heat all day while managing traffic. Now, some relief has arrived for the traffic police as they are being provided cooling vests to counter the harsh heat and humidity during the summer months.

Cooling vests were distributed to 200 traffic policemen, who manage the traffic on roads, by senior officers of the Traffic Police Department on Monday. Based on the success of these jackets, later all traffic police personnel will be handed these jackets, senior police officers said.

"Keeping in mind the high temperature, we have procured 200 specially designed cooling vests for distribution among cops on traffic regulation. After examining their efficacy, more such vests will be procured and given to personnel performing duty on roads. This will help them in carrying out their jobs easily,”Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) A Ravinder told the media.

Even on Monday, the temperature was as high as 42 degrees celsius as some parts of the state are experiencing heat wave conditions. On May 19, Hyderabad recorded the highest temperature of 43.8 degree Celsius. 167 people have already died due to heat strokes in the state counting from April 1.

"This jacket helps in keeping body temperature 5-6 degrees celsius lower than the ambient temperature for 3-5 hours, depending on the humidity in the environment," Ravinder said.

These smart jackets were produced by the Asian Institute of Nephrology, a Hyderabad-based hospital as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

"The products are well-researched and tested for safety and performance, ensuring user's experience is relaxed and performance oriented,'' a spokesperson of the institute said.

Ravinder said unlike in summer, when the jackets will cool down the wearer, it will provide warmth in cold weather.

The PTI report quoted the senior officer saying that other than regulating temperature these smart vests will also provide additional health benefits.

"It also keeps in check heart rate elevation, thermal and cardiovascular strain, decreases dehydration, enhances tolerance levels and decreases rate of exertion.”

"The product is very simple to use dip, squeeze, wear. The uniqueness of the product keeps the wearer dry even after dipping in water,” TOI quoted Ravinder as saying.


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