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news Monday, May 09, 2016 - 14:24

Hyderabad CP Mahender Reddy on Sunday emphatically denied any murder angle in the death of a 21-year-old Hyderabad woman engineering student killed in an accident recently. In an accident in the wee hours of May 1 morning, Devi Reddy lost her life after the car she was travelling in with friend Bharat Simha Reddy crashed into a tree at Jubilee Hills in the city.

The family of the victim had cried conspiracy and called Devi's death a case of murder.

Dismissing this theory completely, the COP said the medical report said that external and internal injuries pointed to death due to accident and there were no symptoms of sexual assault mentioned in the medical report. 

The survivor, Bharath Simha Reddy, who was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol has been booked under culpable homicide not amounting to murder [Section 304 (2)] IPC.

Investigations revealed that both the survivor and the deceased was not wearing their seat belts and although the airbag worked, Devi fell unconscious due to the impact.

According to a constable on a patrol unit on which Devi was being taken to the hospital, she died on her way to the hospital.  

Reddy said police came to the conclusion based on the investigation.

Timeline of events according to the police:

1) 18:00 pm– Devi’s father leaves her to her friend Sonali’s home so that she can got to BPM pub with Sonali.

2) 18:16 pm- Devi texts Bharath, “you have to pickup me and Sonu at Sonu’s place’ on WhatsApp.

3) 21:00 pm- Bharath picks up Devi and Sonali while other friends followed their car in two other cars. On the way, Devi calls her family requesting permission to stay over at Sonali’s. Her mother refused permission and agreed that they would pick up her at 12 am.

4) 22:30 pm- They reach BPM pub. Devi spent some time with her friends and Sonali and Bharath during her time at BPM pub while Bharath consumed alcohol with his friends.

5) 00: 55 am-Devi receives call from home and she informs her family that Sonali will drop her home. From 1:00-03:32 Devi received six calls from her family asking about when she will be back home

6) 02:30 am-Party ends at BPM. Devi, Sonali, Bharath and others walk out of the pub waiting for their cars from the valet for about 40 mins. In the meantime, Sonali offered to drop Devi but the latter insisted being dropped by Bharath

7) 3:14 am- Bharath calls his mother from a friends’phone (as his phone was dead) to inform she will reach home after dropping his friend

8) 03: 32-am  Bharath and Devi leave the area in Bharath’s car while Sonali leaves with her cousin. Devi receives call from home and tells them she will be home in 10 minutes.

9) 03: 42 am- Bharath and Jyothi reaches Journalist Colony. They covered 14 kms in 10 minutes at an average speed of 100 kmph.

10) 03: 51 am- Devi’s father calls her and she tells she will reach in two minutes. Supposedly in order to reach fast, Bharath sped and lost control while going down on a slope and hit a tree.  

11) 04: 05 am- Bharath’s father calls Bharath and he tells his father about the accident. He also gives them directions to reach the place, in the same time a Jubilee Hills PS patrol car spotted the car and called 108 for an ambulance.

Apollo Hospitals in Jubilee Hills declare Devi brought dead at 04: 30 am.

12) 04: 36 am- A police constable answers Devi’s phone and informs the family about the accident. The phone had accidentally fallen down on the floor of the car and was in silent mood.

However, based on the statements made by a watchman near the crime scene, Devi’s family had lodged a complaint with the police alleging murder and sexual assault on part of Bharath two days later.

The watchman had said that he had seen Bharath forcing a crying Devi into the backseat of the car with the help of a third person.

It was also rumoured that the accused was getting special treatment from the police as he is a relative of Telangana Home Minister Naini Narasimha Reddy, which CP Reddy rubbished on Sunday.

CP Reddy further said that based on the CCTV footage, mobile phone locations and examination of the others, the watchman’s statement does not hold true.

Police further told Bharath had been previously involved in drunk brawls and had been produced in court for the same. 


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