The incident came to light after the man's wife found photos and videos on his phone.

Hyderabad police arrest man for secretly streaming sex with wife through SkypeImage for representation
news Crime Friday, June 23, 2017 - 08:01

In a shocking incident, a marketing executive was arrested in Hyderabad, for allegedly making sex tapes of his wife, without her knowledge or consent, and sharing it with his friend. 

The police said that the man, identified as Chetan*, also reportedly live streamed the sex to his friend on Skype, on a few occasions. 

The incident came to light after Chetan's wife found the photos and videos on her husband's phone, and filed a complaint with the police. 

Chetan was also addicted to watching porn and was a member of several online chat rooms, the police said on Thursday.

"About 20 days ago, Chetan met a person, Sriman, in chatroom: and they exchanged their Skype account details. On June 11, he created a Skype account using his mobile number: Chetan started chatting with Sriman regularly . After exchanging their personal information, they both came to an understanding to exchange semi-nude photos through Skype. For that, Chetan started capturing his wife's photos while she was bathing, sleeping, changing dress or even when they were having sex and shared them over Skype,'' The Times of India quoted a press release from the Cyberabad police as saying.

“Around four days ago, the woman forcibly took the mobile phone from him and found vulgar messages and her pictures with abusive chats accompanying them sent from and to a stranger...Disturbed by this, the woman lodged a complaint,” Cyberabad DCP (Crimes) Janaki Sharmila told The New Indian Express.

Reports suggest that the couple were married for a little over a year. 

This incident also comes just a month after the Cyberabad cyber crime police arrested a 33-year-old software engineer in Hyderabad for the same crime.

The man had been live-streaming sexual acts with his wife for almost six months. He would place the laptop in such a way, that his face could not be seen, and also played something else on the screen, to con his wife. 

The man, who had even registered himself with porn sites, did this with the intent of earning money, police said.

Porn addiction and crime

A 2016 survey by Pornhub, the world's largest adult pornography site had listed India in the 3rd position when it came to countries watching the most amount of porn.

Though there are not enough studies in India on the number of people addicted (not just watching porn) to porn, studies have proved a correlation between addiction and breakdown of families.

Nonconsensual taping of sex partners is a recognised crime in many countries. New York has a law titled 'Stephanie's law' to deal with secret tapings of sexual encounters.

Cyber harassment expert Danille Citron writes in Forbes, "In 2003, New York passed Stephanie’s Law, which makes it illegal to use a device to secretly record or broadcast a person undressing or having sex when that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. The statute is named for Stephanie Fuller, whose landlord secretly taped her using a camera in the smoke detector above her bed."

She further writes, "Recording someone’s most intimate moments without their permission is no laughing matter. The harm to victims is palpable and real. It is deeply embarrassing to be turned into an object of pornography without consent. Victims’ humiliation is paired with a profound loss of trust."

(*Name changed to protect identity)