Hyderabad will soon have its first convalescence centre for all those who have just recovered from COVID-19 but are worried about going back home just yet.

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Coronavirus Coronavirus Monday, July 13, 2020 - 16:15

The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) has decided to open the doors of its training centre for those who have recovered from COVID-19. They have opened up a convalescence centre at their training campus in Medchal, Hyderabad. Convalescence is a period of recovery at the later stage of an infectious illness where a patient is recovering and is yet to come back to their previous health.

CHAI’s centre will begin operations in a week and will be able to house around 60 people while they completely recover and recuperate from COVID-19. People who want to be admitted to the convalescence centre will have to submit their coronavirus test report showing they have tested negative.

Sister Sudeepa Sal, Administrator of CHAI training centre, explains, “We decided to open up COVID-19 convalescence centre as a service for those people who have difficulties in going back home. The convalescence period after an illness is very important as you need to eat healthy food, need a good environment and peace of mind to recover soon. We have a serene 15-acre campus with plush greenery which will help patients to recuperate and recover soon.”

The convalescence centre has two options that patients can choose from. The general ward will be available for Rs 500 per head per day, and single rooms are available for Rs 1500 per head per day. The general ward can accommodate around 50 people while 12 single rooms are available.

When asked about the facilities offered, Sr Sudeepa Sal said, “Besides the helpers and the driver, we are three sisters who will be available all the time. Patients will not be confined to their rooms. They can roam around the campus and relax. They will be provided healthy food and an environment that will accelerate their recovery. We are awaiting personal protection equipment kits from the government, and very shortly, we will be ready to host patients.”

Speaking about the importance of a convalescence centre, Dr Ashish Chauhan, Consultant of Internal Medicine at Apollo Hospital, said, “Convalescence centres are very much needed in fighting a pandemic as these help a patient recover, return to normal health, and prevents him/her from spreading the infection while also reducing the risk of them getting hospital acquired infections.” 

Ever since the poster of the convalescence centre was released, the institute has already received several calls inquiring about the same.

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