According to officials, some of the clients purchasing LSD, were students in class 8 and 9.

Hyderabad drug bust Four more peddlers arrested dealers used Dark WebRight: Akun Sabharwal
news Crime Wednesday, July 05, 2017 - 08:14

An investigation into the high-profile crackdown by Telangana's Prohibition and Excise Department continued on Tuesday, as officials arrested four more persons and seized an additional 100 units of LSD.

Reports have since suggested that the main buyers were students of international schools and engineering colleges in Hyderabad. 

“Some of the students are in class 8 and 9. The students were spending up to Rs 4,000 per week to purchase drugs,“ an investigating official told the Times of India.

The TOI report adds that excise sleuths could zero in on the customers after analysing the call data of the accused who were arrested on Monday.

On Monday, the excise department seized 700 dots of LSD worth Rs 20 lakh and 35gm of MDMA worth Rs 1.4 lakh from three peddlers. The investigation revealed the disturbing underbelly of drug trade in Hyderabad, which involved Tollywood stars, MNC professionals, and school students.

Following this, notices were sent to the managements of around 20 prominent schools in the city, telling them to be wary of students indulging in substance abuse.

“Names of students were not mentioned in the message. We came to know that they are going through a bad phase,” director of Excise department’s Enforcement wing, Akun Sabharwal said.

“We are concentrating on victims for providing counselling, but those who are found to be suppliers-cum-victims, we are arresting them. The only solution to avoid drugs being so rampant among children is to nab the kingpins,” an official told Deccan Chronicle.

The DC report added that there was also once instance of a school girl, who sent a nude photograph to one of the dealers, seemingly in exchange for the drugs.

Meanwhile, officials said that a key suspect in the case, Kiran, who seems to be involved in procuring and selling the drugs via the Dark Web, was still on the run. 

Cops are also having a tough time accessing the Dark Web and tracing the drug trial.

The Dark Web is part of the World Wide Web, which can only be accessed through certain means, and makes the users practically anonymous. 

Talking to The Hindu, an official said, "They send the drug through courier agency which delivers the same at the address specified by client. We cannot check each and every parcel or cover of courier agencies as LSD can be sent concealed in a paper wrap. Those supplying drugs would not readily jump at requests for delivery of narcotic substances. Unless they are introduced by a known person, they would not entertain anyone."