Constable Tudi Raju, attached to the Charminar Police Station of the Hyderabad, handed over his entire month's salary of Rs 68,000.

Hyderabad cop donates one months salary to help flood-hit Kerala wins hearts
news Human Interest Friday, August 24, 2018 - 11:28

A constable in Hyderabad is winning hearts on the internet after he donated his entire month's salary to the Kerala government, to help the flood-hit state get back on its feet.

Constable Tudi Raju, presently attached to the Charminar Police Station of the Hyderabad city police, handed over his entire month's salary of Rs 68,000.

Raju tells TNM about how he hails from a poor family and how he was moved to donate his salary to the people of Kerala.

"I was born in 1966 and my father, who was a constable with the Amberpet police, died later that same year. I was one of eight family members including my mother, who struggled to raise all of us," Raju narrates.

Even when he was in school, Raju says that he had to do odd jobs to make ends meet.  

"I worked as a mason and my hands and legs got a lot of blisters as a result. I was paid Rs 6 for the job at the time. I would work at any place that would hire me. I even remember selling biscuits and chocolates and making a profit of Rs 10 when I sold goods worth Rs 100. I even used to work at weddings. I was only looking for an honest living," he says.

In 1989, Raju failed his Class 10 examinations, but upon learning that it was needed for him to join the police force, he took the test again and passed, and joining the police force in 1990.

"My father was my inspiration to join the police. Even from the beginning, I always felt strongly about the need to donate money to those in need," Raju says, adding that he donates a small portion of his salary to orphanages and non-profit NGOs.

When asked about what made him donate to Kerala, he said, "When I read about what happened and saw some of the photos on WhatsApp, I couldn't sleep that day. I was deeply pained and decided to help on that day itself. So, I did it on the first chance that I got."

"The response has been tremendous. My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since the police posted a photo on Twitter," he added.

Many people on social media, however, repeatedly questioned how a constable was earning Rs 68,000 per month.

While the Hyderabad city police's official ID responded saying that he has completed almost 30 years of service in the department, Raju says that he will complete 28 years on September 5.

"I have got to this place with my own hard work. There were days when I didn't have enough money to eat and I slogged to ensure that none of my children goes hungry or faces any of the situations that I did," Raju says.

The constable has three children. While one daughter is a government teacher, one son has completed his education from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad and is working in Bengaluru. His youngest son is pursuing his aeronautical engineering in Dundigal.