"I think this is a first to have a rock act playing songs written in Telugu," Alluri says.

Hyderabad-born musician Alluri to perform Telugu rock album at Cambridge Folk Festival
Flix Entertainment Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 05:51

Hyderabad born singer and musician Alluri is set to perform his first Telugu rock album at Cambridge Folk Festival in UK on July 29.

Alluri's forthcoming album was recorded with Grammy winning record producer Tommaso Colliva.

Alluri has earlier performed at the NH7 Weekender festival in Hyderabad.

Before the Cambridge Folk Festival, he will be performing in Telugu at London’s Tooting Tram & Social on July 27 and The Finsbury on July 28.

Speaking about his musical inspiration, Alluri said, “it is inspired from living my life, observing people and from my love for music and song writing”.

The new band features Alluri and four Italian musicians, with whom he rehearsed in Milano, before bringing them to the UK for this short run of shows.

“I’m excited to bring this new set of songs exclusively in Telugu to the UK. This is all new material from my forthcoming album that I have recorded with Tommaso Colliva, the producer of Muse. I think this is a first to have rock act playing songs written in Telugu”, adds Alluri.

Producer Tommaso Colliva too, is excited. "Helping Alluri craft his album has been an amazing journey. We had to shape the music around a language - Telugu - that has not been used for contemporary music at all. We had to make sure that it was delivering Alluri's stories and emotions,” he said.

“I'm really happy with what came out of this journey and I’m glad I've been part of it." Tommaso added.

Massimo Martellotta, who was involved in the recording process, says, "It was very exciting to work with Alluri because of his sensibility and open-minded approach to music. Telugu is something special I discovered during this record. We have used language as a sound and as an instrument itself, and tried to deliver a message for those who don’t know Telugu too.”

Late in 2016, Alluri released his first song in Telugu Evari Kosam to popular acclaim in the UK, with several plays on BBC Radio and a hit video on YouTube. Alluri composes his own music, writes lyrics and sings and plays on guitar. 

Though his first album was in English, Alluri is passionate about his roots, which led him to create this new Telugu album for western audiences.

All the songs are recorded in studios in Milano with the Italian session musicians and finally mixed in studios in London.