The oil was being sold to fast food centers and push cart holders to make junk food.

Hyd police arrest man for extracting oil from animal waste and selling to fast food joints
news Food Safety Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 08:18

The Hyderabad police busted an oil adulteration racket on Wednesday with one person arrested by the Mirchowk police, for allegedly extracting oil from animal flesh and bones.

In a press release, the Hyderabad police said, “This is a case of preparation of oil by melting animal waste and illegally extracting and preparing the fat oil with associates, without any valid licenses.”

The police said that the accused had been distributing this oil to fast food centers and push cart holders to make junk food (snacks).

They also said that he had been selling the fat oil to owners of chemical shops, to prepare phenyl and soaps. These products may spread infections and disease.

The arrested person was identified as 46-year-old Mohammed Ghouse from Yakutpura, and he was sent to judicial custody after being presented in court.

The police said that Ghouse was working at a beef shop in Chanchalguda around 12 years ago.

However, since his income was meagre and he wanted to eke out his livelihood, he decided to earn easy money by preparing fat oil with animal waste.

“Accordingly, from the past few months, the accused person is doing illegal business by melting the animal waste and illegally preparing the fat oil,” the police said.

The police seized three tin cans containing 13 litres of oil, two gas cylinders, one gas stove and other items needed to make the oil.

In an appeal to the public, ACP Mirchowk, B Anand said, “On behalf of the police, I appeal to the public to not eat any oily food items by the roadside, without verifying if they are using hygienic oil or not.”

A case was filed under Sections 269 (Negligent act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life), 278 (Making atmosphere noxious to health), 290(Public nuisance), 420(Cheating), 272(Adulteration of food or drink intended for sale), 273 (Sale of noxious food or drink) and 188 of the IPC.

This is the second major raid in the city, as the Neredmet police in July last year, arrested one person from an illegal piggery in RK Puram, which was involved in extracting oil from pig waste.

The police said that the accused had been illegally slaughtering pigs in the area, and collecting the fat that was excreted by the animal. 

The fat would then be burned, and oil would be extracted. The police added that the accused dumped the remnant carcass after the process, at the RK Puram lake.