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The News Minute| October 11, 2014| 2.45 pm IST As Malala Yousafzay was announced as one of this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, felicitations started pouring in from across the world. No one wanted to be left out, some were obviously too excited. These two tweets on Malala seems to have created more waves than any. This was Jacky Bhagnany's tweet. Such good news to hear about MASALA and the noble peace prize. Well, we are sure Jacky Bhagnani's was a typo (he claimed that), and just when we were recovering from it.... BOOM Twitter users were quick to react: Life gyaan: One autocorrect can cause a lifetime of troll. Jacky Bhagnani ki toh nikal padi..#masala #malala #nobel — Young Monk (@Arjun_Anpat) October 10, 2014 The guy who believes in awards Give him Kela award. RT "@ramangarg: Jacky Bhagnani refers to Malala as 'Masala' in his tweet. pic.twitter.com/gPKrKexjna" — फोटूवाला Sandy (@mann_ka_radio) October 10, 2014 The investigator So Jacky Bhagnani refers to Malala as 'Masala' knowingly as the word 's' is far away frm the word 'L' in keypad. — pïrα†ε oƒ hεαr†š (@being_tiger_) October 10, 2014 The stinking truth The most devastating part in Jacky Bhagnani's life would be looking in the mirror every morning and seeing Jacky Bhagnani. — Shahenshah of Swill (@MrTippler) October 10, 2014 The political twist Rahul gandhi quickly sends a friend request to Jacky bhagnani. — RJ Sam (@RJSam983) October 10, 2014 The realist Come on guys! Jacky Bhagnani got the spelling of peace right! — NumbYaar (@NumbYaar) October 10, 2014 NATION WANTS TO KNOW tweet Those who are making fun of Jacky Bhagnani, that guy has guts to dance in front of Mayawati & elephants.. Statues. — Ruchee Sharma (@rucheesharma) October 10, 2014 All publicity is good publicity Guys, now please don’t make Jacky Bhagnani trend. You maybe serving the purpose of his tweet. — Criselle (@criselle4) October 10, 2014 Let's love everyone, despite auto correct Credit to @NaomiCampbell for her tweet that spelt Malala as Malaria and Nobel as Noble. She meant well. — Matthew Lumby (@MatthewLumby) October 11, 2014 The big lesson to PR firms @NaomiCampbell it's been 4 hrs..... why hasn't one of ur PR people tapped u on ur shoulder and whispered "it's Malala not Malaria" — SacKat (@sachibub10) October 11, 2014
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