The accused had killed not one, but two nuns

How a nuns murder led to the discovery of another nuns murder
news Saturday, October 03, 2015 - 16:21

On September 17, people in Kerala woke up to the news that Sister Amala, a 69 year-old nun with the Lisieux convent in Pala had been brutally murdered.

Sister Amala was found in a pool of blood, with fatal injuries on her head, post-mortem later revealing that the injuries had caused her death. 

A weapon from the spot and people who saw a man running away from the convent as the police dogs were sniffing around, lead investigators to a man called Satheesh Babu.

Satheesh Babu, was arrested from Haridwar in Uttarakhand, but his confession had another shocker for the police.

He told the police that apart from sister Amala he had also murdered another nun, Sister Jose Maria of SH convent in Chettuthod, Kottayam district.  

Sister Jose Maria (81) was found dead on April 17 in her convent room and the convent authorities had believed that the death was due to natural causes. The body was buried without informing the police.

Following the confession, police exhumed the body of Sister Jose Mariya and conducted post-mortem on Friday afternoon.

Sister Jose Mariya’s post- mortem has revealed that her death was also a murder, as claimed by the prime accused of sister Amala murder case.

According to The New Indian Express report the post-mortem results proved that Mariya was murdered. The report says that the inquest of around 75 per cent decayed body was done in an hour and the post-mortem procedure was completed by 2.30 pm.