Your accent could indicate whether you learned a language as a child or an adult

How much does your accent say about you Watch this video and be surprised
Social Language Wednesday, July 13, 2016 - 16:51

Did you know that if you learn new languages as an adult, you may never speak them without an accent? For example, your strongest language is Marathi and you move to Hyderabad, you might pick up Urdu or Telugu and speak both fluently, but you’ll never lose the last vestige of your Marathi accent.

AsapTHOUGHT’s video on what your accent can say about you is a five-minute insight into how language works on your brain.

Another interesting fact: When you’re born, your ears are fresh. But as you grow up and are exposed to language, your ears get tuned to the sounds of the languages that you listen to, which effects your capacity to listen and speak.

That’s why east Indians almost instinctively say “ba” for the “va” phoneme (smallest standalone units of sound), because the usage of “va” in eastern Indian languages differs from that in other languages. And why, most Indian speakers of English simply don’t the “th” sound in “the” or the “th” sound in “think” correctly. We’ve never heard it growing up, and so we pronounce it differently.

Just watch the video for more amazing stuff:



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