Students say the monkeys are wreaking havoc on the campus.

How to get a monkey out of your bed New problem confounding IITians
news Monkey menace Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - 18:37

Students at IIT-Bombay are having a hard time dealing with monkeys in the campus. 

Around a dozen monkeys have been wreaking havoc in at least four student hostels in the campus, The Times of India reported. 

The TOI report states, "Inmates in at least four hostels on the campus wake up to the chatter of the monkeys these days. Not only are they snatching eatables from students, the monkeys are entering unlocked hostel rooms, destroying valuable electronic items, upturning dustbins and even sleeping on students' beds."

Writing in the online edition of the campus magazine, Insight, the students said that the monkeys can often be seen "patrolling their wing corridors" at any time of the day. 

"And if one ever forgets to properly lock their room or keeps it open, these monkeys completely change the orientation of rooms destroying clothes and valuables. Incidents of monkeys playing with electronic stuff kept in rooms, trying to find something to eat, have been recorded so far. Students also found monkeys sleeping on their beds in their hostel rooms. They also upturn waste-bins and scatter the trash in the entire wing if they don’t find something to eat in them," they said. 

Some students in possession of eatables, they said, had also been attacked by the monkeys. And though they have complained to the maintenance council, the only response they have got so far is- “don’t feed the monkeys".

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