From engaging in odd jobs and to almost being roped into a commercial racket, Geeta never let any circumstance deter her strength.

How Geeta walked out of her abusive marriage became a Bollywood stuntwomanScreenshot
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From being married off at the tender age of fifteen to being subjected to marital rape, Geeta Tandon’s life has been one filled with hardships, one after the other. Not one to succumb to the challenges that life thew at her, Geeta faced and overcame each one of them. Today, she is one of Bollywood’s leading stunt women and aspires to become a stunt director in future.

In a documentary for Blush, Geeta narrates how she converted every obstacle into a stepping stone for success, while tightly holding on to her principles.

Moving out of her husband’s house- where she was constantly abused- at the age of 20, with her two children, she had no one to depend on but herself.

From engaging in odd jobs to almost being dragged into a commercial racket, Geeta never let circumstances deter her.

This is a story of a wife, a story of a mother but above all the story of a woman. This is the story of a woman who dared to dream.

Watch Geeta Tandon’s journey from an abused homemaker to a leading stunt woman here:

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