Voices Friday, July 04, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | July 4, 2014 | 11:31 pm IST  Safe passage, hostage, aid, safe transit, talking to all parties to the conflict are clearly understood terms and nomenclature in international diplomacy and warfare. Evacuation in a war-zone is negotiated mile by kilometer, inch by need.  As news of the Kerala nurses becomes a matter of international focus, international aid workers are telling The News Minute the nurses are highly respected and their work of tending to the wounded in a war zone is sought by all parties to the conflict including those who bombed the hospital in Tikrit from where they have now moved.  Translated, this could mean they are assisting the wounded as they make their way to their own safety. The hope is that nobody will hurt them because their duty is to serve and they are renowned for this. That their whereabouts is not tracked minute by minute does not necessarily mean anything.  Now that the nurses have been freed, ‘the government is set to deploy all tools of diplomacy to bring the 39 Indian held captive in Mosul’, states a report by India Writes.