For many, your list of achievements comes nowhere close to the coy-smile-imperceptible-nod-palm-on-the-belly routine.

Honey is there good news Sofia Ashrafs hilarious take on pregnancy trumping all featsScreenshot/Blush Channel
Social Comedy Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 12:08

"Good news" could mean plenty of things: it could mean that NASA accepted your application, you passed your exams and even that you made it to work on time. But the quintessential "good news" in the Indian context (courtesy a number of films and soap operas) is - no points for guessing - pregnancy!

So whenever your elders ask you if there's any good news, you can reel off a whole list of achievements but nothing comes close to the ultimate coy-smile-imperceptible-nod-palm-on-the-belly routine. Finding hilarity in this absurd mindset is Sofia Ashraf, starring in the Blush Channel's "The Good News Song". 

Check it out:

Described by the Blush Channel as a "hilarious conversation between our Sista From The South and her Momma From The South", it starts with the white saree-clad, seemingly traditional mother asks her daughter with bursting hope, "Mole (honey), is there good news?" The daughter recounts what she thinks is good news for the day: her period ended, there are 200 likes on her latest meme, how she finally learnt what "on fleek" means and so on.

But the mother is having none of that and asks her again if there's some "good news", to which the daughter replies with a list of her achievements. The absurdity of the situation comes out when the mother asks the daughter the same question for the third time, clearly unconvinced, until finally, the daughter says "no" out of exasperation.

Relate much, ladies?

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