Vinay suspects his wife’s family of having kidnapped her because they had previously objected to their relationship

His wife kidnapped in broad daylight from Hyderabad home husband struggles to get her backImage By arrangement
news Kidnap Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 00:02

On March 28, around 9.50 am, 28-year-old B Vinay Babu was about to leave for work, when his wife 23-year-old Mamata Devi told him that she would have some good news for him within a week.

Wondering about the good news, Vinay left for his office at Osamangunj. Along the way, he also dropped his sister, B Veena, off near tank bund. But just when he expected a normal morning to unfold, he got a call from his mother that his wife had been kidnapped.

In a panic, Vinay rushed back to his house in Old Alwal. When he reached home his mother told him that seven or eight men had barged into the house and dragged Mamata forcefully away with them.

"She was dragged away so forcefully, that I found her broken bangles outside our house. I also took a video of her broken bangles. As she was dragged away, she didn’t even have her phone with her,” said Vinay.

A month has passed since, but Vinay has still had no news about his wife. “I am really worried and scared about her. She is very smart and she can handle situations very well, but if she was fine she would have left me a message,” he said.

Vinay suspects his wife’s family of having kidnapped her because they had previously objected to his relationship with Mamta.

23-year-old Mamta Devi hails from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and is the daughter of a businessman, Gordhan Ram, living in Hyderabad. She worked for a BPO in Begumpet. Vinay met Mamata in September 2013, and the two fell in love and decided to marry each other.

Unfortunately for the couple, on one occasion when Vinay was dropping Mamta off at her office, some of her relatives saw her with him and informed her parents. After learning about her affair with Vinay, she was put under virtual house arrest by her parents.

And Mamta's brother-in-law Jeevaraj Bishnoi threatened Vinay, warning him to stay away from her.

When Vinay filed a complaint at the Alwal police station around 11:30 am, on that fateful morning, he voiced his suspicions about Jeevraj. Jeevraj was taken in for questioning, but released after a day.

Adding to Vinay’s suspicion about Mamta’s family, is the fact that Mamta’s family has disappeared entirely.

Anand Reddy, the Station House Officer (SHO) at the Alwal PS, said, "After searching her for two days in Hyderabad we sent our team to her residence in Ramnagar, Bilara Jodhpur but her house there was locked too. We have tried looking for her everywhere, but there is no news till now. Their Hyderabad house in Suchitra and her father's chemical factory are also completely locked up. Our team is still searching for Mamata.”

Vinay and Mamta got married at an Arya Samaj temple in Hyderabad on February 3 since they were tired of trying to convince Mamta's parents.

Vinay said, "Mamata always told me about her family and how strict her family is, but I didn't expect that they would kidnap her like this. When she told me that she would tell me good news within one week I was expecting it to be that she is pregnant. I was so happy that day and now I am feeling really helpless. Please help me in finding my wife".


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