Hiring outlook expected to be more or less stable in next 3 months: Survey

According to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, sectors which are likely to lead the job market include transportation and utilities, followed by the services sector.
Job applicants filling forms
Job applicants filling forms
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A survey of 1,303 employers across India indicates a more or less stable hiring plan for the upcoming three months, according to the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey released on Tuesday. Sectors which are likely to lead the job market include transportation and utilities, followed by the services sector. 

The strongest hiring pace is recorded in the medium sized organisations, followed by the large organisations with a seasonally adjusted outlook of +8 per cent and +6 per cent, respectively. From a region specific perspective, North and South indicate similar outlook at +6 per cent. 

The ManpowerGroup further extended its survey to include the impact of COVID-19 which showed a majority of them -- 46 per cent -- saying that they do not know when they are likely to resume regular hiring. Only 3 per cent reported not expecting to go back to pre-pandemic levels of hiring. For those who expected an increase in hiring, 54 per cent stated they would hire by June 2021. 

A total of 40 per cent of the respondents expect to have their workforce work from home full-time, while 38 per cent want to have either flexible or condensed work hours for their employees. 

Some of the concerns for most organisations surveyed about remote working revolved around worker wellbeing, company culture, productivity and innovation. The biggest concern, at 51 per cent, is whether their employees will be able to collaborate efficiently. 

The strongest hiring prospects are reported in the North and South where the net employment outlook is +6 per cent. Hiring prospects weaken by 4 percentage points in the West when compared to the previous quarter, and decline by 2 percentage points in the North. The hiring sentiment remains relatively stable in both the East and the South. 

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