'Culture' concerns or anti-BJP: What's Hindu fringe group's problem with Kamal's 'Bigg Boss'?

Hindu group wants Bigg Boss Tamil banned Their targets are Kamal Haasan and jallikattu Juliana
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‘Kamal Haasan wants to erode Tamil Hindu culture’  – that’s the latest charge by the Hindu Makkal Katchi, a Hindu organisation that’s lately been obsessed with the actor.

Nearly two weeks after they protested outside Vijay Television’s office in Chennai, the Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner on Wednesday asking for a ban on Bigg Boss Tamil.

The show, according to the Hindu Makkal Katchi, is against Tamil culture.

“Our demand is that Bigg Boss should be banned and we do not want Kamal Haasan to host this show,” Arjun Sampath, Founder and state President of Hindu Makkal Katchi told TNM.

The organisation is against all Tamil serials, but Bigg Boss is the worst he adds.

“All TV serials are damaging Tamil Nadu’s family culture, but Bigg Boss is comparatively more dangerous. The program does not encourage family culture and the clothes worn by participants in the show are against our culture. They are promoting Leftist and Dravidian ideologies through this show. Juliana, one of the contestants in the show is a Christian and she was raising slogans against the BJP government and Modi during Jallikattu. They chose her for this show precisely because of this. They have chosen an anti-Modi person,” said Arjun Sampath.

This isn’t the first time that the Hindu Makkal Katchi has gone after Kamal Haasan. A few months ago, they had filed a case against the actor for his remarks on the Mahabharatha.

But Arjun Sampath maintains that they were not targeting Kamal. “He is a great actor and he is very influential in Tamil Nadu. But people like Kamal Haasan are biased. He greeted the Kerala CM for completing one year, but he never greeted Modi or other BJP Chief Ministers. He also always praises Dravidian leaders. When the Vishwaroopam issue came up, we supported him, but he always sends out anti-Hindu messages. We want him to stop hosting this show,” he said.

Arjun Sampath added that if their complaint is not considered by the Chennai Police Commissioner, they will go ahead and file a petition with the Madras High Court.

Omkar Balaji, another member of Hindu Makkal Katchi told Times Now, “Kamal is always keen in eroding Tamil Hindu culture. He never criticises any other cultures or religious problems. He criticises all issues concerning Hinduism, including controversy surrounding beef or terrorism. He is not secular in his criticism.”

On June 30, the Hindu Makkal Katchi had carried out a protest outside Star Vijay TV’s office demanding a ban on Big Boss.

In March, members of the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) had filed a police complaint against Kamal Hassan, taking objection to his remarks during an interview with editor Karthigaichelvan of Tamil channel Puthiya Thalamurai. In that interview, he had said India honours the kind of book ‘where a woman is gambled away’. Later, HMK also filed a petition at a Tirunelveli court against the actor.

However, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High had stayed the summons issued to him by the trial court.