Wearing a bright yellow jumper and spectacles, Kelly's child opened the door and walked into the frame with unabashed swag.

 Hilarious video of kids crashing dads expert analysis on BBC goes viral
Social Children Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 12:45

Robert E Kelly, an academic from South Korean University probably did not wake up on Friday thinking he and his family would be internet sensations for the day. But a little videobombing by his kids, and frenzied wife ensured that that's exactly what happened.

Kelly was live on air with BBC, talking about South Korean politics. Serious stuff, right? 

Not to Kelly's child, who opened the door of the room Kelly was in and walked in with complete and unabashed swag. Wearing a bright yellow jumper and spectacles, the child walks in, pushing an elbow up with each step. 

The interviewer warns Kelly that he has got company in the room, even as Kelly tries to keep a straight face and the focus on politics.

If this wasn't enough, cue in the second child's entry - wheeling in this time on a walker. This is followed by Kelly's frenzied wife, Jung-a Kim, who realises that the children have escaped right into their father's live interview!

Horrified, she unceremoniously half ushers, half drags the kids out of the room, who clearly do not want to leave the room.

Kelly mutters "my apologies" this entire time, until his wife succeeds and shuts the door (the kids can be heard wailing outside).

The video was so amusing that Kelly was asked if he would object to BBC News using the clip. 

The video went viral of course with many people assuming that Kim was actually Kelly's nanny. This sparked a debate on social media about the stereotypes about Asian women.

“There are stereotypes of Asian women as servile, as passive, as fulfilling some kind of service role,” Phil Yu, a blogger at Angry Asian Man told Jessica Roy for LA Times. “People were quick to make that assumption,” he added.

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