Highway robbery: Phones worth Rs 6 cr stolen from transport truck in Tamil Nadu

Krishnagiri Police say that at least seven people were involved in the robbery, and that further investigations are underway.
A image of truck
A image of truck
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A group of thieves hijacked a truck near Krishnagiri that was transporting over 14,000 mobile phones from Chennai to Mumbai on Wednesday. The total value of the phones was reportedly around Rs 15 crore. The gang robbed Rs 6 crore worth of mobile phones and fled the site from along the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border. The incident took place at 2 am, in Melumalai on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway.

According to reports, police said that the truck was transporting the phones from Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu to Maharashtra.

The cargo was being transported by Arun (26), the driver, and Sathish Kumar (29), his helper. When the group of robbers stopped the truck, they tied the duo up using ropes and robbed the mobile phones, said reports.

After the group left, a few people who were nearby came to Arun and Sathish Kumar’s rescue, and un-tied them. The two immediately filed a complaint with the police.

The Soolagiri police rushed to the spot and identified an abandoned mobile truck with half the consignment on the Chennai-Tirupati Highway. They suspect the involvement of more than seven members in the robbery, and cases have been registered. Further investigations are underway.

This incident was similar to the hijacking of another truck transporting mobile phones on August 26, near the Andhra Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border. The incident took place in broad daylight. A group of 6-7 people waylaid the truck that was going from Chennai to Mumbai, carrying Rs 12 crore worth of phones. They tied up the two people who were in the truck, similar to the recent incident. They drove the vehicle for some distance, following which they stole the phones and left the vehicle there. The gang robbed about Rs 6 crore worth of phones, which was half the consignment.

A few reports suggest that the incident resembles past instances of hijacking and robbery in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka.

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