The police are looking at footage from Dileep's previous movie locations and from Kavya Madhavan's shop.

High profile arrests imminent in Kerala actor assault case Investigation intensifies
news Actor Abduction Monday, July 03, 2017 - 10:26

In a new development in the Kerala actor kidnap and abduction case, pictures surfaced on Sunday of Pulsar Suni, prime accused in the case, standing at shoot locations of Malayalam superstar Dileep's movie. This, after the actor had claimed repeatedly that he never knew Pulsar Suni.

The probe into the February kidnapping has turned murkier ever since the name of superstar Dileep got linked in the case. Though a few sources in the police department claimed that arrest was imminent, a senior officer said that Dileep, Nadirshah and others would be called for second round of questioning.

Not much headway was initially made into the conspiracy angle though those involved in the crime were arrested in a week's time.

The probe

The pictures, shown in TV channels on Sunday, have come at a time when Dileep, during a 13-hour questioning by police last week, claimed he had no clue who Pulsar Suni was.

The pictures were taken at a club in Thrissur near here in November during the shooting of Dileep's film "Georgechettan's Poorem".

Though the pictures do not show Dileep and Pulsar Suni together, police believe that the two did know each other. Location footage from some of Dileep's movies have been sought by the police.

In another development reported by Manorama, the investigation team has traced the call records of Pulsar Suni. It was found that Suni called Dileep's PA Appunni thrice from jail. One such call, according to reports, went on for a few minutes.

The police have also reportedly traced four numbers to which Suni made frequent calls from November 2016 to a few days before the assault. The people using these numbers were reportedly in touch with Appunni. 

Who is 'Madam'?

Advocate Pheney Balakrishnan has claimed that two men had approached him for Pulsar Suni's bail and they were reporting to someone they addressed as 'Madam'. Police sources say they would regard Pheney's revelation only with a pinch of salt.

However, Malayalam media reports indicate that police are investigating actor and Dileep's wife Kavya Madhavan and her mother. Kavya's mother could also be called in for questioning.

In a related development, a police team on Saturday searched the place of business of Kavya Madhavan and her home here to inspect business records and bank payments.

This after Pulsar Suni claimed in a letter that he had handed over the visuals of the actor getting assaulted, to someone in the shop.

A senior police officer told TNM that most of the evidence was based on phone calls, and the police would need more substantial evidence to prove the links. The officer indicated that though some of the calls were made to Appunni and Nadirsha, they were still looking for more direct proof against all these people, especially Dileep.

The Conspiracy

Last month, Dileep's name surfaced in a jail inmate's letter who shared the cell with Suni. Since then, Dileep is facing the heat. While Suni and his accomplices were arrested within a week of the kidnapping, police stumbled upon the conspiracy angle only last week.

On Saturday night, newly appointed Kerala police Chief Loknath Behra reportedly expressed displeasure over the way the probe was proceeding.

Meanwhile, hinting at a conspiracy to derail the investigation, former DGP TP Senkumar told Reporter TV that two days before they were questioned, Dileep's friend Nadirshah had met ADGP Tomin Thachankery.

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